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Evinrude – the serial number on an Evinrude is located on the transom or mounting bracket. Serial number is labelled. The model number is also important as it tell us details like the type, year and horsepower of the motor. OMC Model Number Location OMC Engines and Outdrive. The model and serial numbers of the vertical drive should be located on the engine model and serial number plate. If the vertical drive model and serial numbers are not recorded with the engine model and serial number, they can be found on a plate located on the vertical drive. Your Evinrude outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket. The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number. The model number will identify the year and certain details of that motor. 1980-Present: Evinrude outboards from 1980 to the present use a model number that can help.

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For more information, e-mail us at or call us: (April 1st – September 26th) 570-925-2121 (October 1st – March 27th) 828-837-6860 cell phone – 828-360-2850. That is a very interesting problem given only that information. The last "K" model Lightwin (AKA Ruddertwin) built in 1929 was serial number 59,999 – so If it has a large rudder it would be 'a 1930 model. – HOWEVER after combining with Evinrude, the "Super Eltos" got a cthcee digit model number. Do to changes while moving three. Evinrude – the serial number on an Evinrude is located on the transom or mounting bracket. Serial number is labelled. The model number is also important as it tell us details like the type, year and horsepower of the motor. Parsun – the plate on a Parsun can be found on the bracket left assembly or on the upper part of the bracket swivel.


The crate appears to be from the 40’s and it does say Evinrude Sportwin on the side. The first two number of the model number are 43 which is for a Sportwin. I am fairly sure the serial number 02897. I can post pictures tomorrow. The chance of me finding the exact motor are slim to none, but to get the correct year would be nice.

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T hat motor's 7 years old!! P art is no longer available. W e lose $$ on service! EPA made me do it! P art's at central warehouse, you'll get it next month. W e don't make parts for those. W e only do warranty work. O ur techs only fix late models. N o clue what's wrong! So we'll work time & material. View parts diagrams and shop online for E200DPXISF 2010 Outboard 200. Offering discount prices on OEM parts for over 50 years. FAST $4.95 shipping available. Boat part number 1097369 is a new Pro XS OptiMax 3.0L outboard motor cowling from Mercury Marine, part number 100-8M0083585. $1,289.00 Great Lakes Skipper Great Lakes Skipper.

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Evinrude serial number chart to check year Page: 1… Mar 13, 2007 · Search in Johnson & Evinrude Outboards only Advanced… and the serial # is E05625 the power head has supposedly been.


Interpreting Evinrude Outboard Serial Numbers. Have you ever wondered what the serial numbers on your outboard engine represent? Let’s start with the first digit. Most likely you see an E or a J. These stand for Evinrude and Johnson, respectively. If you see a different letter, it may mean that your engine was not built for the American market.

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Bob at Snowman Marine in Edmonton provides his customers with help locating model numbers on their Evinrude & Johnson outboards. See all repair videos at htt. Parts Lookup. Electronic parts lookup is not available for Johnson, Evinrude and OMC engines. If you know your part numbers, please search by part number.. If you need help with parts look up use our Parts Inquiry Form to make your request or call 425-412-4006 during our regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday. Hi. We just bought a 1970 boat with an Evinrude 25 hp motor. The serial or model number is 25102S or 251025, there is another number: E06126. We don't know if the motor is the first one for that boat or many of several, but one site I looked at indicated the motor to be a 1971. Can you verify this so we can find the right parts list? Thanks so.

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How To Find Your Serial Model Or Casting Number Crowley Marine. 115 75 Hp 1 8l I 4 Outboard Motors Yamaha Outboards. Owner S Manual Yamaha Outboards Manualzz. Year From Serial Number. 9 8 Hp Portable Outboard Motors Yamaha Outboards. Suzuki Outboard Serial Number Location And Model Identification Perfprotech Com.

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Com. Have you ever wondered what the serial numbers on your outboard engine represent? Let's start with the first digit. 1980-1999. Nine-character model numbers indicate outboar.

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Evinrude outboard engines have a serial number label that is located on the transom bracket. Serial number labels will reference the date of manufacture for the engine by providing visibility of the month and year the engine was produced. 276906 Evinrude Fleetwin Model High Speed Knob Assembly Outboard Motor (20.4% similar) 5hp model number thank gc marine salvage part rating poor 9/1 0 extra fine f your experience with our transaction was not what you anticipated, please contact us to resolve any issues before opening a case or providing negative feedback. Taken from a 1953. Engine Care – Fuel Additives – Lubricants & Corrosion – Paint – Touch Up; Fuel Systems – Fuel Additives – Fuel Filters – Fuel Fittings – Fuel Hoses – Fuel Tanks; Cleaner…. EVINRUDE – 105 – AB Models – 115 – 2011 – 2012 – AA Models – AF Models – 2013 – AB Models – 130 – 2011 – AF Models – AA Models – 2012 – AB Models – 135 – AB Models – AA.

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When you look on the motor mounting bracket of your Evinrude, you find a metallic, embossed tag with the name "Evinrude" prominently featured, along with a variety of information on your motor and finally, the motor's serial number. Saturday 8 A. 0 liter engine, using his car as a test bed. engine serial number lookup trying to find out the year my engine was manufactored – Mercury Marine Mercruiser Alpha One question. R55100 Serial No. Instead, take the serial number from either a label or an engraving on the top or side of. I just aquired a large inline 6 cylinder. Yamaha Serial Number Lookup Outboard Kubota Gs160 Manual Does Anyone Have A Dupe For Mac… Johnson and Evinrude outboards both work with model numbers for identification. In most cases, the model number is located on either the transom or swivel bracket…. but an authorized dealer can use the serial number to match the engine up with a.

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Evinrude Serial Numbers Lookup; I have all the other Evinrude Model Number Identification Charts. Printed on the engine or do a serial number inquire with BRP or a dealer. Model and serial number identification evinrude motors milwaukee, wis., u. Outboard marine corporation of canada ltd peterborough canada made in canada see your evinrude. Evinrude Outboard Motors model to HP, year code explanation 1913-1979. Recreational Outboard Motors There is another list similar to this for Commercial Motors, starting as small as 2.3hp and another for Racing Motors This list is set up in alphabetical & then numerical order AND in repeating vertical column order to the right. Serial Number Lookup Johnson Outboard The Actual Year Is Found In Model Not Th You. How To Outboard Engine Serial Number Year Match Iboats Com Library. Outboards Johnson 1960 1979 And 1980 Later Model Year Cross Over. Evinrude Johnson Outboard Model Number Location You. Evinrude Johnson Model Number Location On Vimeo.

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Evinrude outboard parts are designed to match your engine, and provide your boat with flawless performance. We make it easy to search for parts using our parts search system with engine drawings. Simply key in your part number and add the part to your shopping cart. If you do not have a part number, your engine serial number will get the job done.